How to get better at first person shooter games like counter strike 1.6 online fast.

Getting better at counter strike and online FPS - First Person Shooter games .

I have been playing counter strike and other online games since The original quake or maybe a little after that. I can't be sure, it was long time ago. All i can be sure of is that i am the best Laptop Counter Strike Touchpad online fps player in the world.

I have given you the best counter strike configuration for a laptop ever and that's half the battle, if you play counter strike or any first person shooter on a laptop.

I have been playing the game so long that its just a part of me now. I know when to run, when to crouch, when someone is laying a trap and when someone is just plain good. I can read my radar and i Pwn many, many counter strike players every game.

I PWN Counter-strike. Daily!!!

How can I be as good as you are at counter strike? Tips please .

I have thought about making a counter strike strategy and tweaks  Ebook or video or something for a really long time. I don't have the patience. I even have a counter strike blog that i don't update as i should. I just could not do it. Luckily someone else did. /.

The guys over at "World of Pwnage" have come up with the best counter strike training guide I have had the honor of reading. They have a whole counter strike community over there dedicated to making you better at... well, counter strike. Forums, videos, admins, servers, the whole ball of wax. If you want to get better faster at counter strike then these are the guys you need to visit.

What about counter strike tips and tweaks?

You can get all you need from those guys. You will be Pwn others today. This is what they say over at World Of Pwnage.

"You will be recognized in every Counter Strike 1.6 Source Server that you play in!


" Why struggle for hours to learn how to PWN when you can find out how immediately with The Pig's Quick Video lessons and CS Pwnage Guide?


"8 Lesson Videos And Growing - Constantly Updated With More Videos On The Way."


"Guide Is 60 Pages Long And Growing. Videos, tutorials, forums, you name it."


"Hop In VIP Channel Of WoP's Vent And Get Real Time Hints And Training."


                       If you want to play counter strike like this, click the Image and go to The Pig's Training Website.




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